Our approach to data management and reporting is built on the assumption that data is the key to effective travel management.

We collect all travel data from our Amadeus GDS, numerous non-GDSs and our back office accounting.

We consolidate local and regional data by company, business unit or by any user defined centre, per all travel services provided and make the data from all relevant markets available per schedule or request.

We provide easy analysis of travel data, which can be viewed by multiple user levels. Our reports can be used to forecast for the upcoming period and to target specific areas of business travel expenditures, vendor usage, as well as cost savings opportunities (particularly processed and analized in our savings reports). This system allows a valuable input for management reports to be used from higher corporate levels, down to specific departments.

We provide the client with access to accurate, consolidated data within specific agreed time period.

Our reports include number and value to the service provided for each traveller per different categories, all available and requested specifically by the customer.