ABBA has accepted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a standard and a general principle in relations and in conduct of the company and its employees in the principal areas of its social activities.
This intent was followed by introduction of standards in principal areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in forms of acts, followed by relevant actions. The application of these adopted standards and principles finally results in:

  • Improvement of working conditions,
  • Increase in labour practices standards,
  • Environmental protection,
  • Standardization in suppliers and subcontractors relations.
which is all formalized in specific acts, manuals, decisions, contracts.

The travel company ABBA is a supplier that does business by following principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), formally adopted in the following areas:

  • Business ethics,
  • Environmental relations and protection,
  • Labour practices,
  • Policy towards suppliers and subcontractors.
The travel company ABBA is a supplier officially evaluated by Ecovadis – Sustainable Supply Management, for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).